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Natural gas, condensate and oil produced from an underground reservoir will always contain certain non-hydrocarbon components and trace elements. These constituents may be considered as impurities or contamination of the hydrocarbons and must be accurately quantified prior to field development.

Some constituents are non-combustible and of no economic value, while others are corrosive, calling for special design and materials in processing and transportation systems. Others may be environmentally unfriendly, poisonous, or simply dilute the hydrocarbon fraction thereby reducing the calorific value. Their presence even in trace amounts should not be ignored.

The most important non-hydrocarbon constituents in petroleum fluids are:

  • Sulphur compounds (Hydrogen Sulphide, Mercaptans etc.)
  • Non-combustible gases (Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, etc.)
  • Radioactive components
  • Mercury
  • Water

The quality of the oil and gas, measured in terms of impurities, strongly influences the market price. Analysing for non-hydrocarbons requires understanding and special precautions. Many components have a tendency to adsorb onto surfaces (e.g. sampling lines and sample containers). This can lead to a severe reduction in their measured concentrations. Other components, such as radioactive elements may be affected by delays in the analysis. Therefore, analysis must be performed onsite. As the concentration of non-hydrocarbons varies so much in different reservoirs, sampling must in many cases be optimized on site.

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