Data Acquisition and Evaluation Services

We provide well-site data acquisition and evaluation services related to oil and gas production.

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Our skilled engineers utilise creative combinations of proven methods and technologies.

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Our goal is to contribute to the success of our clients' field development.

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We deliver real-time, cost effective, and reliable services.

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Our business will be conducted with enthusiasm, and honesty to earn our clients respect and trust.

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Wireline Fluid Transfer & Qualification

Obtaining representative fluid samples and the measurement of fluid properties is critically important in order to generate a realistic fluid model for the reservoir.

Scope of Work

to be quality controlled. This is important in order to secure good sample quality and to prevent nonrepresentative and highly contaminated samples from being shipped to the PVT laboratory.

With our laboratory facilities in Vung Tau we are able to provide a sample quality control in only 12 hours after the sample arrives. This gives the client the opportunity to take new samples if required.

Initial quality control

  • Measure opening pressure
  • Measure saturation pressure
  • Measure degree of contamination from oil/water based mud

Transfer to PVT cylinders

  • Heating & conditioning
  • Wide range of PVT cylinders available to fit most fluids/applications
  • Prepare Sample Transfer Data sheets and Shipping Documents

Measurements on sample volumes

  • Gas composition; C1 – C7+, CO2 & N2 by Micro- GC
  • CO2, H2S contents by Draeger

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