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We provide well-site data acquisition and evaluation services related to oil and gas production.

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Our skilled engineers utilise creative combinations of proven methods and technologies.

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Our goal is to contribute to the success of our clients' field development.

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We deliver real-time, cost effective, and reliable services.

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PVT Fluid Analysis

The laboratory is used to evaluate sample properties at different sampling depths. The analysis gives immediate access to vital information about the reservoir fluid properties:

  1. Sample quality
    • Reveals sampling below bubble point pressure
    • Reveals degree of contamination from oil or water based drilling mud
    • Reveals leaking downhole sample chambers
    • Reveals contaminated sample chambers
  2. Reservoir fluid properties
    • Detailed compositional analysis of oil, gas and formation water gives valuable information about the reservoir fluids and their origin
    • Trace element analysis reveals the degree of hazardous and/or corrosive components in the sampled fluids
    • Water analysis reveals potential scaling, hydrate or corrosion problems

Scope of Work

PVT Fluid Analysis Laboratory service will provide immediate access to a full compositional analysis of hydrocarbons and formation water.

Primary Qualification Extended Qualification
  • Measure opening pressure
  • Measure field Pb at ambient
  • Condition sample to 80 degC
  • Transfer to PVT cylinder
  • Evaluate remaining sample
  • Measure trace elements in gas
  • Perform water analysis
  • Measure contamination degree
  • Condition sample to reservoir temperature
  • Measure density at reservoir conditions
  • Perform Single Flash study
  • Measure density, viscosity & Molecular wt.
  • Compositional analysis to C36+
  • Measure Pb/Psat
  • Recombine & Simulate
  • Report

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