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We provide well-site data acquisition and evaluation services related to oil and gas production.

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Our skilled engineers utilise creative combinations of proven methods and technologies.

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Formation Water Analysis

Ion chromatography is used to obtain a compositional analysis of water based mud and formation water.

The ion chromatography instrument used by IKM has dual isocratic pumps, heat traced guard & main column, ion suppressor and conductivity cell for ion detection. The benefits are improved signal/noise ratio and peak separation, more accurate measurements and wider measuring range. A full analysis of water is performed in approximately 30 minutes and will include the following measurements:

Physical properties:

  • pH, density, conductivity, resistivity, alkalinity


  • Chlorides, Sulphate, Iron, Lithium, Sodium, Ammonium, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Barium and Strontium

Trace Elements Analysis

This analysis package is used to measure contents of CO2, H2S, Mercury and Sulphur components in gas. This analysis package will identify potentially hazardous or corrosive components. Trace elements in gas may have a severe impact on process plant design.

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